Delivering CloudGrown produce

Our CloudGro Solution at a glance

A cloud based system soltution delivering a ultimate local supply chain with a rapid return and benefits that can’t be bought


Quick to install, Lightweight modules carry the technology and support an insulated greenhouse envelope reducing weight and increasing installation options


A transfer system moves crops from the autonomous modules to an automatic lift – no need for daily access. Make you buildings more efficient


harvest ready crops only metres away avoids empty shelves - increasing sales, lowering costs and providing an overall better quality

CloudGro Features
  • Quick to install, Little/no planning required, simple modular construction
  • Lightweight, Insulated Greenhouse. A transfer system moving crops from autonomous modules to an automatic lift no need for daily access
  • Improves your building efficiency, Uses waste heat and CO2 from space below Increases utilisation of building with additional benefits
CloudGro Options
  • One or more growing modules
  • A collection module bringing crops to the point of transfer
  • A lift module takes crops to/from the roof with harvest at floor level either out of sight or
  • As a ‘Farmer’s Market’ in the sales area with screens giving info and related product offerings
CloudGro Benefits
  • Harvest ready crops only metres away avoids empty shelves - increasing sales.
  • No transit packaging to handle or dispose of - pay for the produce not the packaging
  • Reduced lorry movements
  • Healthier working conditions and more engaging work
  • Buildings become more efficient - possibly carbon negative
  • Good news story delivers big press coverage and publicity
  • Ticks boxes for planners seeking green
Operating a JV with CloudGro

CFS can operate an installation as a Joint Venture in partnership with a building user. The JV vehicle can buy or lease a CloudGro system with ROI as other options. CFS oversees all aspects of running the system with partner providing local staff CFS delivers staff training Both parties have less admin and lower costs.

CFS Operates a CloudGro farm on your roof

CFS owns and runs the farm with the building occupier agreeing a long term supply contract. CFS would pay an agreed rent The building occupier would pay an agreed price for CloudGrown produce. Hard to finance

Running a CloudGro system

Local staff follow instructions from the cloud Giving shelf stackers alternative tasks and skills, or Staff can be provided by CFS Options include: monitoring and sales data analysis at our HQ creating the grow to order plan. Our Horticultural experts assist with access to data and camera feeds

CloudGro options

Lightweight lift shaft gives access to a whole roof area with harvest at floor level either or out of sight. Like a ‘Farmer’s Market’ offering in the sales area. Optional retail presentation backdrop with video screens offering info /related products as harvest ready crops pass by

Acquiring a CloudGro system


Outright purchase of a system allows the asset to be recognised on the balance sheet and gives a significant, value to an otherwise unvalued asset – the rooftop. Full ROI can be achieved in 3-4 years and then offers substantial profits System can be run with or without CFS providing support Ideal for a distribution or processing facility


Leasing requires a much lower cash commitment ROI is possible within 6 months of placing an order Length of lease can match building occupancy timescale. module options as purchase